What whiskies does SVC currently have in the portfolio?

Our trading portfolios are currently confidential, as they really are what set us apart from the other whisky investment vehicles, funds and companies out there.  We have a unique investment approach, using public pricing data, and existing partnerships within the industry that enable us to invest and track some of the most coveted bottles available.  However, for all existing investors that join the collective we open up the vault and send a monthly portfolio update, which includes individual bottle prices and their price movements for that particular month. For those serious investors out there that are interested in joining the collective, please reach out to us here and we will give you a sneak peak on what we have in the vault.

Why does SVC invest predominantly in bottles, not casks?

For a detailed answer on why we focus on bottles, please see our post here.  In summary, our business focuses on rare and collectible whiskies where the industry has seen significantly higher returns than casks over the last 10 years. Bottles also provide for a more liquid market, where we are able to exit investments and realise returns for our investors more readily than casks (unfortunately there have been companies and funds historically that have struggled to realise their returns and exit their investments). And lastly, bottles are easier and cheaper to store, therefore lowering the risk in the warehousing process.  We just want to mention that, at the time of writing, we hold 42 casks and +900 bottles in our portfolio. Feel free to contact us for the latest figures.

What is a RPS?

A Redeemable Preference Share (RPS) is a non-voting share in a Singapore company, and it is what we offer all incoming investors to the Collective.  When you invest with us at SVC you will own a share of our Singapore-based company: SVC HOLDINGS PTE. LTD (UEN: 201822982R).  After the registration process is complete, investors are provided with a share certificate that details the number of RPS shares they own and their name will appear on the company capitalisation table which is filed at the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Our company is ultimately valued on the portfolio of whisky that it holds, and that is why we are able to “unitise” each RPS for our investors and report on it’s value on a monthly basis.

How exactly is the value of the RPS calculated? Will my RPS get diluted when new investors join the Collective?

An RPS is based on the whisky that we hold in the company in any given month, and therefore fluctuates based on the value of the whisky. When a new investor joins the Collective they simply add liquidity (cash) into the company, which our team then uses to invest in more rare and collectible whiskies. Through this process we increase the overall portfolio size, but do not dilute existing shareholders.

How do you value your whisky?

Accurate valuation of our whisky portfolio is one of the critical components of what we do at SVC.  Please see here a detailed post on how we tackle our monthly valuation process. At SVC we review the major physical auction houses around the globe on a monthly basis, namely Bonhams, Christie’s and Sotheby’s. As well as the top five online whisky auctions based in the UK, including Scotch Whisky AuctionsWhisky AuctioneerJust WhiskyWhisky Hammer and Whisky.Auction. We strip out the hefty auction fees (10-20%) to derive fair market value for each bottle in a given month.  All of our current investors receive a detailed monthly breakdown of each bottle price and their price movements in that given month.

Where is your whisky stored?

Our whisky is stored in 3 locations globally: Scotland, Singapore and South Africa. All the whisky is stored optimally in our vaults and insured for breakages, theft and counterfeits (see more info on counterfeits below)

Am I able to exit my investment at any time?

Yes. We have made it extremely easy for our investors to exit their investment at any time. There are 2 ways in which an investor can exit: 1) Sell their unitised RPS back to SVC, an existing investor, or on the external market; or 2) Withdraw predetermined whisky stock from the portfolio (at market quoted price). What we do ask is that the investor provides us with 90 days notice on the sale, as our investor agreement stipulates that all existing investors have first right of refusal on your sale. Please note that the minimum recommended term of an individual investment is 4 years, so any early exit from the fund before that would realise a 5% early withdrawal fee.

Is my investment transferable?

Yes. We can arrange for your redeemable preference share (RPS) to be transferred to another investor or entity.  The administration fee for making this transfer is SG$600 and the new investor would need to pass the standard legal Singapore know-your-customer (KYC) process as outlined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

What is the minimum investment per investor?

Our valuation fluctuates monthly, so for the latest pricing please do reach out to us here. At the time of writing our minimum investment amount is approx SG$35,000

I have heard about counterfeit whisky in the industry, how does SVC manage this risk?

Short answer is that we are fully insured against any counterfeits that may inadvertently find their way into our portfolio. This means that this risk will not affect our portfolio returns to investors. Unfortunately counterfeiting in the whisky industry does continue to happen, even with all the investment in technology that has been made by bottlers and distillers to prevent this. We also mitigate this risk by only purchasing from reputable auction houses and well-known collectors within our network, who are also always cognisant of this risk.

Is SVC a registered fund?

No. We are not a fund or fund manager as defined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. SVC HOLDINGS PTE. LTD is a registered company that offers redeemable preference shares (RPS) to interested investors. All investors are issued with a share certificate in SVC HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. and effectively own a shareholding in the company.  We have built this structure to bring together a group of like-minded whisky lovers and collectors that ultimately enables us to buy and sell some truly incredible whiskies.  For the status of our company and necessary compliance procedures in Singapore, you can search for our company on the Singapore Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority website by using our company UEN number (201822982R)

What are the tax implications of investing with SVC?

Unfortunately we do not provide tax advice to our investors, since each investor has their unique set of circumstances.  We currently have investors based in 6 countries across the globe with some investing in a personal capacity and others through corporate structures. As an investor we encourage you to seek professional tax advice dependent on your unique case.