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SVC partnership with WhiskyBrother

On behalf of the team at SVC we are excited to inform our readers about the formalisation of one of our key strategic partnerships.

Since the start of our journey we have worked closely with an independent and award-winning South African whisky company, WhiskyBrother (WB). Over the last two years this relationship has been key to our success, and as we plan to continue to grow and work with the team at WhiskyBrother, we felt it important to formalise the partnership. We are proud of the relationship we have with the team at WB, but to ensure good corporate governance it is important the relationship is documented, agreed to by both parties and transparent to current and prospective investors.

Who is WhiskyBrother

Although the roots of WhiskyBrother date back to a whisky blog started in 2009, the business was officially established in 2012 as South Africa’s only dedicated specialist whisky retailer. Overtime, and with success, they have steadily grown to fill multiple links in the whisky supply-chain, most notably this covers:

  1. Specialist whisky retail
  2. Specialist whisky bar
  3. Importer and distributor for select whisky brands
  4. Whisky consulting to drinkers, collectors and investors
  5. Whisky collection valuation

Why the Partnership

The strategic partnership between ourselves and WB offers a mutually beneficial relationship. The services both companies provide do not intersect whatsoever, so by partnering we believe it adds value to both organisations, primarily:

WB offers SVC:

  • Access to products
  • Route to market
  • Expertise
  • Relationships/network

SVC offers WB:

  • Additional purchasing power
  • Additional selling power
  • Increased geographic footprint and reach
  • Relationships/network

Partnership Considerations

Without going into too much further detail here, we feel it is important to share four areas in particular that have been agreed on:

  1. Neither WB nor ourselves receive compensation in any form related to this partnership,
  2. SVC will only source whiskies from WB if the pricing offered is a set percentage below market value,
  3. If WB is to purchase a bottle from SVC it will first be offered to SVC investors for a limited period, and
  4. All purchases between the two companies will be documented, signed and available to any investor upon request

We feel this perfectly encapsulates the agreement and provides our investors the clear knowledge and peace of mind that SVC clearly benefits from the partnership.

It is a big whisky world and there is only so much one company can do. Together, with our shared knowledge and passion, we wholeheartedly believe that working with strategic, carefully selected partners, our investors can reap the rewards.

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