Investing in whisky is not a new idea – Collectors and whisky enthusiasts have done so for decades. SVC’s offering into the world of rare and collectible whisky is unique in that it formalises an investment structure to reduce risk, increase returns and remove the onerous administration required for investment in a physical asset.

The key to any investment is knowledge and timing, and the reality is not everyone has the same access to information and data. At SVC we are engaged full-time in the whisky industry, and have been for a decade. Our network within the industry, years’ worth of dedication and knowledge, access to information and awareness of events and releases, provides us with a distinctive advantage that private individuals investing in whisky cannot match. We’re dedicated whisky people who invest in whisky, not investment people stepping into the whisky industry.

We source, store, trade, value and report, so that you don’t have to.

1. Source

Our involvement in the whisky industry, network and continuous travel to whisky producing countries, allows us access to limited release and hard-to-find whiskies from trusted and verified producers, retailers, suppliers and whisky auction houses. Before we acquire a bottle we know the exact specifics of the release, the condition of the label and packaging, fill-level of the liquid inside and the best price to pay. All critical factors when looking to maximise the increase in value.

2. Store

Alternative investments with a physical underlying asset pose unique challenges, often overlooked by new investors. Our portfolio of several hundreds bottles of whisky is properly stored under the correct environmental conditions, insured by a specialist insurer (including against counterfeit products) and is sufficiently secured to prevent theft, breakage and water/fire damage. Our three locations (Scotland, Singapore and South Africa) provide convenient access to three important whisky markets, for storage and/or retrieval, and reduce the amount of shipping required further reducing risk.

3. Trade

Our partnerships and international network of whisky drinkers, collectors, retailers, whisky bars and auctions houses enables us to trade whiskies within our portfolio – at the best suited time and price, to maximise returns. Our investment strategy categorises our portfolio into short-, medium- and long-term investments, each carefully decided and constantly monitored, based on demand and market trends, to make the best decision when to acquire or sell a specific whisky.

4. Value

We undertake weekly valuations of the full asset based on trading values on the secondary market. This is primarily informed from the online whisky auctions held in the UK each week, but also from periodic, physical auctions held in various cities (Hong Kong, London and New York). On an annual basis we employ the services of an independent whisky consultant to audit our valuations for added compliance, as well as provide values on any whiskies within the portfolio that have not been traded publicly on the secondary market.

5. Report

Our detailed, monthly report is customised to each investor based on their personalised investment with us, and provides full insight into the performance of their investment. This includes an itemized inventory report for the full portfolio with the individual movements and prices on every whisky held in the portfolio.