The Spirit Vault Collective is based in Singapore, which provides great advantages with regards to liquidity, legal protection and tax optimisation for our investors. SVC Holdings Pte Ltd officially opened as a local trading company in August 2018, and began active purchasing of whisky with founder’s equity in the same month.

The SVC team is comprised of four passionate and entrepreneurial-minded individuals, each having exhibited successes in previous endeavors, both in the whisky industry and others. Our combined skill set covers multiple disciplines, ranging from operations, finance, IT, marketing and sales.

Having originally been keen whisky drinkers, collectors and investors, in our individual capacities, we then formed a private buyer collective to pool our limited resources. This approach, overtime, and interest from other individuals, is what led to the formalisation and the creation of SVC, in order to allow others to also be able to invest in whisky.

Neil Paterson


Neil handles all trading, sourcing and negotiation of whisky for SVC Holdings. He also manages SVC’s portfolio of whisky, ensuring we have a diversified inventory of premium and emerging brands. Neil has 5 years of experience setting up Whisky Brother’s retail and F&B operations in South Africa, and previously held a career in finance at RMB Asset Management. Neil is of Scottish & South African heritage.

Gary Wadmore

Whisky Advisor

Gary advises our team on purchasing, auditing valuations and the optimal disposal of inventory that has maxed out returns. Gary is also part of the Whisky Brother team, with 8 years experience in the industry.

Marc Pendlebury

Whisky Advisor

Marc advises us on valuations and quarterly reporting. He is the Founder of Whisky Brother South Africa, the only dedicated whisky company in the country, with a whisky retail store, online store, whisky bar and annual whisky festival – Whisky Magazine Icons of Whisky 2020, award winner for Global Whisky Retailer of the Year. In his spare time he consults to local collectors and the hospitality industry. Marc has previous career experience in the IT and insurance industries with Clientele Life South Africa, IFA Nigeria and Neilson Financial Services UK.

Marek Dawidowicz

Non-Executive Director

As an individual investor in SVC Holdings, Marek offers objective and independent judgment in the best interests of our current and incoming investors to the Collective. He is also an active early stage investor and advisor to a number of UK and APAC startups, and is currently based in Singapore.