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Spirit Vault Collective (SVC) is a unique and exciting investment opportunity created by a group of passionate whisky-lovers and entrepreneurs. Our Collective’s humble beginnings began by pooling our resources together to acquire bottles that were financially out of reach to us as individuals. Overtime, as the value of our whisky portfolio grew, we were approached by fellow whisky enthusiasts, who were eager to join the collective and invest in whisky.

Today our Collective has dozens of members, across the globe, with a sizable portfolio of some truly rare and collectable whiskies.

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What We Do

On behalf of our members we source, store, trade and value the whisky portfolio, while providing monthly reports to our members. The portfolio is unitised: instead of owning specific bottles, members own a portion of every bottle and cask in the portfolio. This enables additional members to join SVC without diluting the value of the investment held by existing members. Our members may then choose to 1) exit with physical whisky, 2) realise their returns in cash or 3) continue to invest with us and further grow their investment.

In order to offer our services we charge a nominal, annual management fee, as well as a profit-share on any returns above our annual targeted benchmark.


SVC has the knowledge and access required to make consistent returns investing in whisky. There’s no way I’d be able to do any of this myself.

G. Chen, Singapore
Macro Futures & FX Trader (and Lagavulin Lover)

If I had Warren Buffet sitting next to Neil and Marc selecting whisky investments, I would go with Neil and Marc!

Peter V.A, Mauritius
Venture Capitalist (and closed distilleries collector)

Overall I am very pleased and rightfully impressed with my SVC investment; the unique opportunity, the returns, and dealing with the responsive and passionate team behind the initiative.

Eric J, Canada
Anesthesiologist (and Speyside whisky drinker)


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