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View Post Whisky Decanter On Tray
November 18, 2021 SVC

Monthly newsletter for November 2021

Dear All, The market continues to pick up with ongoing launches by large brands, including…

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View Post The Whisky Exchange London Store
October 19, 2021 SVC

Monthly newsletter for October 2021

Dear All, The big news of the month is the acquisition of The Whisky Exchange by…

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View Post Icon Singapore Magazine
September 17, 2021 SVC

Liquid gold investment boom

We were recently featured in a print article in the prestiges ICON Singapore magazine. The…

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View Post Macallan Tales of Macallan Volume One
September 16, 2021 SVC

Monthly newsletter for September 2021

Dear All, The whisky market continues to move full-steam ahead, with notable releases by Macallan…

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View Post Spirit Vault Collective
September 15, 2021 SVC

Best whiskies to invest in, according to the SVC

We were asked by Robb Report Singapore for our recommendations on some of the best…

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View Post Hanyu Whisky Collection
August 15, 2021 SVC

Monthly newsletter for August 2021

Dear All, It’s been a good start to the second half of the year with…

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July 19, 2021 SVC

Monthly newsletter for July 2021

Dear All, In our public webinar a few weeks ago we discussed the opportunistic acquisitions…

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June 20, 2021 SVC

Monthly newsletter for June 2021

Dear All, We’re half way through 2021, and many markets are beginning to open up…

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View Post Whisky Collecting
June 4, 2021 SVC

A beginner’s guide to investing

Imagine striking gold with an investment that increases in value as it matures, as most…

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May 17, 2021 SVC

Monthly newsletter for May 2021

Dear All, Firstly, thank you again if you joined our annual webinar last weekend. Connecting…

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