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Monthly newsletter for December 2021

Dear All,

To close off 2021, our portfolio delivered another healthy return this month, putting us on a healthy trajectory to once again overachieve our annual benchmark in 4 months time. The Japanese bottles continue to drive the portfolio, where we saw a +52% bump in our Hanyu 2000 Ichiro’s Malt Single Cask #9601 / Five of Spades and the Hanyu 2000 Ichiro’s Malt ‘Card’ #1305 / Five of Diamonds saw another +38% increase. Unfortunately the SGD:GBP rate continues to keep us on our toes in the short term, but we are managing our cash reserves accordingly to ensure the forex headwinds are not severe.

The industry continues to release a steady stream of announcements, predominantly with exclusive releases from various brands, but we have recently seen the trend of blockchain emerge more regularly in the space. Dalmore released their latest collection through NFT’s, and Rare Whisky Holdings out of Hong Kong recently announced the possibility of launching an auction hub in Asia to help owners resell their whisky collections on the blockchain ledger. Our team is monitoring these developments carefully, with our initial feeling that this will bring new collectors into the category and ultimately increase prices.

The Platinum Whisky Investment Fund (also owned by Rare Whisky Holdings), one of the world’s first private equity funds to focus on rare single-malt whiskies, announced its successful liquidation. Over its lifespan of 7 years the fund generated net proceeds of US$26 million and a gross annual rate of return of 17%. There was also recent news that Suntory will be increasing the price of 31 whisky products by up to 28% next year in Japan, which should bode well for our portfolio as we move into ‘22 and our third year of operations.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our partners for another awesome year. We’ve continued to invest in wonderful bottles throughout these 12 months, have picked up a fair bit of organic press, and continued to build the SVC community steadily.

Here’s to 2022, and wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas break!

Marek, Marc, Neil, Gary

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