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Is the whisky bubble set to burst?

“The growing trend for new and rare bottlings of one-off whiskies has seen a boom in recent years, with some modern bottles surging stratospherically and outstripping the value of older, rarer vintage whiskies. Is this sustainable, or will the bubble burst? 

“Since 2015, single malt whisky has transformed into a status symbol, it’s not just seen as a drink to consume,” consultant and whisky broker Mark Littler explains.

Littler, who has recently released a comprehensive guide to investing in rare bottles of whisky, explains that the bottles are “a signifier of wealth and status”, which is referenced by the huge increase in value.

“In wasn’t until 2018 that a bottle of whisky made over 6 figures at auction, now the record stands at £1.45 million,” he notes.

This has marked a paradigm and perception shift in the market, with distilleries themselves increasingly targeting collectors rather than drinkers by releasing limited release rebottlings of older vintages and modern non-age statements whiskies packaged in luxurious one-off decanters.”

Read the full article on The Drinks Business here.

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