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Monthly newsletter for September 2021

Dear All,

The whisky market continues to move full-steam ahead, with notable releases by Macallan (Tales of Volume 1), Yamazaki (55 year old global release) and Glenlivet (80 year old). There remains little doubt that the category will continue to expand, with analysts predicting that the global whisky market will reach $108bn by 2031 (that’s almost 2X), and for the super-premium category to continue to grow in tandem.

We continue to be very busy internally with a series of announcements, which we are excited to share with our investors over the next month. To start off with, we launched our Instagram account a couple of weeks ago, where we will be sharing images of bottles in our vault, industry updates and more, so please do follow us!

We also landed great articles in Robb Report Singapore a couple of days ago, and a four page editorial spread in the ICON Magazine September issue together with Christie’s and Diageo (translated here).

As expected a couple of months ago, with the limited supply of bottles currently on auction, we have seen some truly exceptional prices come through on some of our bottles in the vault. Most notably, we have seen Ardbeg Dark Cove (Not for resale) and Mars Komgotake 1988 29 year old increase by +65.4% and +41.4% respectively. We have also had a couple of Hanyu’s that jumped at +36% again this month. This continued positive momentum has resulted in a very strong return for our investors this month, even with the headwinds felt by the SGD:GBP over the period.

Our team continues to be on the lookout for good investments in this current market climate, and the cask market continues to show some good promise with investors looking to offload their stocks at a good price. We have recently invested in Brora, Port Ellen and some Convalmores, increasing our cask holdings in these closed top tier distilleries.

Marek, Marc, Neil, Gary

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